Mothering Across Continents
  • In April, five schools and an estimated 3,000 students will raise funds for education in South Sudan through our annual Any1Can Walk for Wisdom. Support their efforts at

    Any1Can Walk for Wisdom
  • In 2013, T-shirts for Social Good featured 2,000 messages hand painted by students to express seven global issues.

    The Any1Can Project Installation
  • Any1Can Global
    Ambassador and social
    action award winner
    Jordan Jenkins facilitates
    a global issues exercise.

    Any1Can student teaches global issues at Sensoria
  • Creative, arts-based
    experiences are often
    part of an Any1Can
    service learning project.

    Rocky River High School Students in The Global Class
  • Almost 700 students
    registered for the
    Any1Can Walk for Wisdom
    to raise funds for adult
    literacy in South Sudan.

    Walk for Wisdom
  • To raise awareness, students created campaign posters to celebrate Global Youth Service Day 2014 and spur social media conversations about youth service.

    Reach Out
  • At the 2014 Any1Can
    Global Youth Service Summit,
    125 participants shared
    knowledge and service
    experiences about
    economic, social and
    environmental issues.

    2014 Global Youth Service Summit
  • Classroom education combined with experiential learning is at the heart of Any1Can service projects.

  • Patton High School in Morganton, North Carolina, combined its annual Giving Games with fundraising for a school in South Sudan.

  • Store for Social Good

    100% of net proceeds from a line of Any1Can products inspired by student designs help fund projects to support education in challenged communities.

    Store for Social Good
  • The message to students
    – "You're It!" –
    defines the spirit of
    the Any1Can Project.

    Global Youth Service Summit

Any1Can Project


Any1Can Video
Watch the Any1Can story!

Young people want to be involved in service projects that make a difference at home and for the world. Global education and integrated service learning (connecting course topics, service, and reflection) inspire a cycle of civic engagement. Teachers are expected to combine global education and 21st century problem solving while meeting national and state learning standards. Yet, according to the Corporation for National & Community Service, the percentage of schools integrating service learning into classroom academics declined during the 2000s from about one-third to one-quarter of U.S. schools. Principals and teachers say that the obstacles are budget cuts, lack of easily accessible global education and service materials, and overwhelm from weeding through vast amounts of data and resources. The Any1Can Project was created to make it easy and meaningful to engage in integrated service learning that builds on academic goals.


The Global Class

The Any1Can Project is designed to serve high school and middle school teachers and appeal to students as they learn about one, several or all of seven global issues: Poverty, Hunger, Water, Conflict, Education, Intolerance, Environment.

Mothering Across Continents officially launched the Any1Can Project in 2012 as the service learning and social action complement to The Global Class Resource Guide and professional development for teachers. As of May 2014, more than 12,000 teachers and students had tapped education resources, coaching and mentoring through one of four levels of programs – Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced and Immersion. Based on innovations of The Global Class and Any1Can Project, the respected Washington, DC-based nonprofit Youth Service America selected Mothering Across Continents as a global partner and local lead agency. In conjunction with Global Youth Service Day 2014, we presented our first Any1Can You're It! Youth Service Summit.


In 2011-12, we introduced a pilot framework of articles, resources and reference materials with which we coached teachers and students, face-to-face. In 2012-13, we added an ability for teachers and students to receive workshop-style training and virtual coaching and mentoring. In 2013, we introduced an online learning management system with live links to digital content and interactive lesson plans. Our dream in the 2014-15 academic year and beyond is to keep making it easier for teachers and students to engage in globally-minded service learning. Goals include:

  • Deepen experiences for schools that have already been introduced to the Any1Can Project
  • Develop interactive materials through new formats such as Apple iBooks available in Apple-compatible Smart classrooms and through Smartphone and mobile devices
  • Continue to build on relationships that could make the Any1Can Project available broadly in the U.S. and in select locations internationally


  • Resource materials and professional development for 12,000+ teachers and students
  • Public dialogue with display featuring 2,000 student-designed T-shirts for Social Good
  • Support for 20+ service projects to help build a school in South Sudan
  • Global Youth Service Summit for 125 youth service leaders and ambassadors
  • Global Youth Service Day 2014 in-school and social media campaign
  • Coaching 900 teachers and students linking teacher professional development, assemblies, in-class exercises relating English curriculum to global issues, and technology-based art and advocacy exhibit in school, community and social media

Long Term Impact

Global Youth Service Summit
125 students participated in the
2014 Any1Can Global
Youth Service Summit
"Any1Can has been a great learning experience for so many students at our school. I am looking forward to bringing the program to my college after I graduate."
–Rachel Casale, Interact Club Co-President, Independence High School
"It's been great to have so much of our staff support a project that encourages our students to embrace diversity, work collaboratively and explore global issues at the same time."
–Shawn Schmitt, InterClub Council Advisor, Rocky River High School
"I love being a member of the Any1Can Club at Myers Park. It's really meaningful to be part of a group that's so dedicated and so committed to accomplishing things. I love the difference we're making!"
–Emory Moore, Any1Can Club, Myers Park High School


Former teacher Elizabeth Peacock serves as catalyst and Special Projects Coordinator, The Global Class and Any1Can Project. On the strength of these programs, she has been nominated for several awards, including the Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize from Grinnell College and the Andrew E. Rice Award for a Young Professional in International Development.

Partners & Collaborators

Youth Service America
Mecklenburg Ministrie

Our philosophy is always to seek relationships that help make global education and service learning more effective, efficient and imaginative. We have benefited from partnerships and collaborations with:

  • Youth Service America
  • Mecklenburg Ministries
  • GenerationNation
  • The Possibility Project
  • Leading to Change
  • Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation

The Possibility Project Leading to ChangeCatawba Riverkeeper Foundation