Mothering Across Continents
  • NewGen PeacebuildersSM
    is a peace education program
    that emphasizes the role, value
    and impact of young people
    ages 14-24 in achieving
    a peaceful world. The Goal: Make peace education a rite of passage for everyone.

  • Graduates of NewGen Peacebuilders–Bolivia (2013) produced a high-profile conference on the role of youth in peacebuilding.

  • A "Walk for Wisdom" action peace project culminated in a celebration of funds raised to purchase books and solar lights for primary schools in South Sudan. Due to years conflict, South Sudan is considered the world's most fragile country.

  • Elissa Scherer (right) received a 2014 national award from Youth Service America for leadership of a team action peace project addressing urban "food deserts."

  • An exercise to collect and select media images spurs discussion of how societies develop perceptions of violence and peace.

  • The IPARD/C model of youth service learning includes a "D" for demonstration and "C" for celebration. Every NewGen Peacebuilders training ends with both.

  • Midway through the program, action peace project teams practice discussing conflict and peace in public, and receive feedback from mentors and peers.

  • Participants use case studies to conduct a Conflict Analysis and develop a Theory of Change–tools that lay
    the foundation for an
    action peace project.

  • The program includes facilitated use of a
    10-Step Peace Project Planning
    tool that incorporates
    goal-setting, milestones and
    success measures.

The Need for Global Youth Peace Education

Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "To teach real peace in the world… we will have to begin with the children." Today, there are an estimated 3 billion people in the world under the age of 25. Yet peace, the most cross-cutting of all global topics, is essentially absent from formal and informal education frameworks. Nonprofit and for-profit leaders often point to the potential of youth and young adults as tomorrow’s global citizen leaders. But young people are rarely invited to participate in local, national and international peace projects.

NewGen Peacebuilders
Watch this 5 minute video to learn more
about the program and hear what alumni
and mentors say about the value of
NewGen Peacebuilders

NewGen PeacebuildersSM is a global youth peace education program that emphasizes the role, value and impact of young people (ages 14-24) in achieving a peaceful world. Through the NewGen PeacebuildersSM program high school and university students learn about and engage in tangible efforts to create peace. The program combines scholarly work on conflict resolution, case studies, profiles of peacebuilder role models, high-energy exercises, and project management training. NewGen PeacebuildersSM recognizes and conveys "peace universals" that are consistent across cultures while adapting for local context and circumstances. A particularly unique aspect of the program is the focus on "education for peacebuilding" vs. simply "education about peace."

Global youth peace education is not just a strategy for the future. Today’s young people have unprecedented awareness of global issues, access to information and technology, and interest in new approaches to problem solving. NewGen PeacebuildersSM equips young people to be positive agents of peace right now.

NewGen PeacebuildersSM Program Overview

The NewGen PeacebuildersSM program helps youth and young adults understand frameworks related to peace, develop project planning and management skills, and embrace peacebuilding as a personal responsibility. Through interactive, in-person workshops; conference calls with peacebuilder role models; and completion of team action peace projects, NewGen PeacebuildersSM trains and equips students to:

  • Truly understand drivers of conflict and peace
  • Imagine innovative solutions to create change
  • Take positive action to address an issue affecting a community or communities.

The result is empowered young people who are equipped to actively resolve conflict and build bridges for the rest of their lives.

The typical program format is extra-curricular and spans a high school or university term of 10-12 weeks.

The NewGen PeacebuildersSM program consists of five core components:


Results, Recognition, Awards

An impact map uses color-coded balloons to
demonstrate tangible results of team action
peace projects.

To become certified NewGen PeacebuildersSM, students must complete team action peace projects. To date, 100 percent of students have met requirements for program completion and been awarded status as certified NewGen PeacebuildersSM. Young people enrolled in the program have completed twenty action peace projects that have collectively benefitted or involved over 15,000 people. Over half the projects continued after the program, an indication that student commitments to peacebuilding are sustainable.

In addition, the NewGen PeacebuildersSM program and graduates have received endorsements, awards and recognition from:

Discovery Forum
Pollination Project

NewGen PeacebuildersSM workshops have been conducted or are anticipated for 2017 in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ghana, Hong Kong, South Sudan, Thailand and the US.


NewGen PeacebuildersSM Leadership

Rotary Magazine
NewGen Peacebuilders founder
Patricia Shafer was featured in the
August 2015 The Rotarian article
How Peace Makes a Rotarian.
Patricia Shafer
Elizabeth Peacock
Phill Gittins
Carla Lineback
Jenn Weidman
Wisdom Addo
Pranisa Ekachote
Spencer Leung

NewGen PeacebuildersSM is an integrated peace education program that educates, equips and empowers high school and university students to actively resolve conflict and build bridges in the community. Program content is delivered by trained and certified facilitators and mentors in ways that are exciting and engaging for young people.

Key advisors and facilitators include:
Patricia Shafer, Rotary Peace Fellow, Senior Fellow for Peace Education, Alliance for Peacebuilding, IEP Global Peace Index Ambassador, Executive Director of nonprofit Mothering Across Continents and Founder of NewGen PeacebuildersSM; Elizabeth Peacock, a former teacher and current NewGen PeacebuildersSM Director of Operations; Phill Gittins, PhD, Rotary Peace Fellow, IEP Global Peace Index Ambassador, NewGen PeacebuildersSM Co-Director, Global Curriculum Development; Carla Lineback, Rotary Peace Fellow and Director of Alumni Engagement at SIT/World Learning; Jenn Weidman, Rotary Peace Fellow, Managing Director/ CEO of Space Bangkok and former Deputy Director of the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand; Wisdom Addo, Rotary Peace Fellow, Executive Director of the West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation; Pranisa Ekachote, Rotary Peace Fellow and consultant with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); and Spencer Leung, Rotary Peace Fellow, manager of a social enterprise network focused on sustainable agriculture practices and policies.