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Boys of the Woza Moya Children's Center

Boys of the Woza Moya Children's Center

Woza Moya teacher with students

Thola, a teacher at the Woza Moya
Children's Center surrounded by students.

Fun on the swing at Woza Moya

Fun on the swing at Woza Moya

Boys on bikes

Boys on bikes at the
Woza Moya Children's Center

Project Catalyst Sharon Dempsey

Project Catalyst Sharon Dempsey

The Need:

In October 2009, Mothering Across Continents co-funded construction ($50,000) of the Woza Moya Children's Center in the Ufafa Valley, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. The region has a large percentage of orphans. The new building is large, brightly decorated, and has a room for counseling, kitchenette, playground and ample storage for toys.

Three-to-five-year-olds attend play sessions and receive nutritious snacks and meals. From the Center, staff take educational programs to remote locations in the valley, the organization Clowns Without Borders hosts events, and community members attend workshops on childcare.

The Dream:

Woza Moya is the only Center of its kind in an area of 6,000 residents. Project Catalyst Sharon Dempsey, a trained social worker, spent several weeks at Woza Moya in 2010. She reported, "Children who were once withdrawn, even mute, are now happy, playful, and developing social skills. Woza Moya really can be a model." We are working on plans to facilitate visits by experts and volunteers who can provide cutting-edge training. The first challenge, though, is to help fund operations ($35,000 annually).